4 Drupal, Boston 2020

June 10

Join us for an exciting ONGOING ONLINE EVENT IN 2020! Keynote speaker Cristina Chumillas kicked off the conference on June 10th. Every month, join us for a LIVE installment of our Webinar series with design, UI/UX and theming topics for all audiences!

Wednesday January 13 at 12:00 PM ET

Design for Developers

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Should a developer learn how to design? Should a designer learn how to code? The answer to both these questions is: just a bit. Luckily, they're not really as different as you might think. Learning just a little design will help you to understand the logic that goes into the smallest design decisions, make better decisions while coding, build empathy for your designers, and establish a shared language. You might even feel a little more comfortable next time you're designing a slideshow.

Online Lineup for 2020

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Cristina Chumillas, Drupal Core UX Maintainer and Admin UI Initiative lead designer, will keynote on June 10th at 12:00 PM ET.  Cristina will discuss Claro, the new Drupal 8 Admin theme, and will discuss general trends in UX for site administrators.


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Contribution Day

Participate in a 24-hour Virtual Global Contribution Day that will begin after the keynote on June 10th. Join others in the global community to sprint on design and front-end focussed initiatives.

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Webinar Series

Monthly webinars will focus on topics relevant to our Design 4 Drupal, Boston audience. 

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Design. Usability. Accessibility. Compatibility.

As we look to the future of web development, our concerns about making the web both intuitive and accessible take center stage. But what considerations are the leaders in our industry taking to help build the next generation of user experiences? And, how can we use what we know today to help shape the web we create in the future?

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