4 Drupal, Boston 2021


Our ONLINE EVENT on July 23rd featured Preston So's keynote on "Voice content: Does your content speak for itself?", "Get started with Drupal" training and several contribution opportunities.

Our 2021 Webinar series continues monthly throughout the year with design, UI/UX and theming topics for all audiences.

December 15, 2021 12:00PM ET

All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11

Mike Herchel - Senior Front-end Developer

Hallelujah! Drupal will no longer support Internet Explorer when version 10 comes out later next year! How will that change Drupal core? What new fancy features will this enable?

In this presentation, I’ll walk attendees through new modern CSS and JS including things like: CSS custom properties, :is() and :where() selector syntax, the all property combined with the revert value, CSS Grid, focus-within and :focus-visible, Selector arguments within :not(), JavaScript optional chaining and more. How can we use this cornucopia of awesomeness in Drupal core? What features become possible? Hopefully this will get you excited about the future, and you can take these lessons home to your own project to optimize your own codebases and create new innovations.

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2021 Keynote - Voice content: Does your content speak for itself?

Speaker - Preston So

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For thousands of years, much of the content that fills our books and lines our websites has been rooted in the written word. But in recent decades, voice interfaces have grown in both performance and popularity as users begin to seek novel ways to access information, especially through the uniquely human medium of spoken content. How do we adjust to the new paradigm of voice content—copy and media conveyed through sound—when our content strategy and design approaches remain moored in visual experiences?

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Training - "Get Started with Drupal"

July 23, 2021

Where will Drupal take you? There's a path for any ambition and room for everyone in our community. Join us to learn what Drupal is but also why, and how YOU can benefit from this powerful platform and the community around it.


Did you know that Drupal offers you more flexibility than any other open source content management system?

Drupal is used globally and has sophisticated solutions for complex challenges other CMS-es meet when they face scale. Join this talk to learn about Drupal's main advantages.


Are you aware of the current high demand for individuals with Drupal talent?

Front-end, back-end, site builders but also content editors, UX designers, marketers and many other roles are needed in a Drupal team. Find out how to advance your career journey and differentiate yourself by adding Drupal to your skillset!


Do you realize a global community of thousands powers Drupal? 

Drupal is an open-source project that only exists thanks to a community of contributors who are always willing to welcome those who want to learn. Discover more about the community and how it's here to support you along the way. 


This “Get Started with Drupal” session will be presented by Suzanne Dergacheva, co-founder of Evolving Web, a digital agency that helps organizations that make a big impact in the world. She helps organizations translate their goals and user needs into a tangible digital strategy, often bridging the gap between technology and user experience design. Suzanne also leads the Promote Drupal initiative and has been contributing to and teaching Drupal for over a decade.



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