For Designers:

Video to watch prior to contributing 


Setup prior to Contributing

  • Join the #admin-ui-design channel on Drupal slack
  • install Figma (a design tool like Sketch)
    • go to
    • Choose "Try Figma for Free" and create an account
  • ask Cristina (@ckrina) or Sasha (@saschaeggi) on slack channel #admin-ui-design for edit permissions in Figma to Drupal Design System project.  in your message state that you are part of the D4DBoston contribution event.


Issues to work on during Contribution Day


For those interested in front-end,  theming, coding, testing, documentation, accessibility, etc.:

Video to watch prior to contribution day 


Setup prior to contributing

  • Join the #admin-ui-design channel on Drupal slack
  • You will need a local environment on your machine - DDEV, Lando, Drupal VM, MAMP
  • Download the latest development version of Drupal 9
    • In a terminal window - navigate to the directory you want to install Drupal into

      git clone --branch 9.0.x
      cd drupal

  • For Testers:
    • Read instructions on reviewing a patch
  • For developers:
    • Download an IDE such as PHPStorm or Visual Studio Code
    • Download GIT for version control
  • For front-end developers:
  • For anyone doing development:
    • Read instructions on creating a branch and creating a patch or applying a patch to test an issue for Drupal 9..

    • Read instructions on reviewing a patch

    • Read instructions on contributing to development


Issues to work on during Contribution Day