This is YOUR chance to contribute to the Drupal project. Everyone, including those with expertise in site building, UX/UI, design, accessibility, back-end or front-end coding, testing and documentation. All skill levels welcome and those new to Drupal are welcome as well.

Focus - Drupal  “Project Browser Strategic Initiative"



Propose updates to the information on the project pages 

  • Provide folks using the Project Browser with helpful information when selecting projects (modules) to add to their website. 
    • Create and review logos
    • Propose short, non-technical descriptions for each project (module)
    • Propose categories to be used for project (module) searches



  • Help test issues in the issue queue on the current prototype. Is the change easy to understand and use? Is the proposed implementation accessible?  …


Provide feedback on the current Project Browser prototype

  • Review the current Prototype - What do you like? What can we make easier to understand of use? What is missing? …




Understand the issue queue

  • How do I find issues to work on?
  • How do I correctly document what I am doing while working on an issue.