As we look to the future of web development, our concerns about making the web both intuitive and accessible take center stage. But what considerations are the leaders in our industry taking to help build the next generation of user experiences? And, how can we use what we know today to help shape the web we create in the future?

Join Design 4 Drupal, Boston as we hear from one of the innovators taking a lead role in this journey. Cristina Chumillas is a front-end developer and designer who is both a Drupal core UX maintainer and an Admin UI Initiative lead designer. She will explain how her job and perspective go beyond “look and feel” as she discusses the underlying changes that have happened to advance the Admin theme for Drupal 9. In her design work, Cristina is challenged to serve two very different personas— both the site builder and the content editor. What are her design considerations as she grapples with the needs of these different audiences?

During this keynote, you’ll not only learn how Cristina and other leaders are building the future of Drupal and web usability, but also about the vision and current efforts in the industry to improve UX.

As part of the JS modernization initiative, the admin theme Claro is built with the Drupal Admin Design System and will replace the current theme, which was designed more than 10 years ago. But you don’t have to wait that long to use it. Claro is currently available as an experimental theme in Drupal 8.8, giving you an opportunity to try it now. Through a tour of the new features available in Claro, Cristina will help you gain a better understanding of the next level of the theme’s design, and you’ll learn how you can help contribute to the growing effort for this release. 

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Cristina's Bio

Cristina Chumillas is a front-end designer. Together with fellow Lullabot Sally Young, and a few other drupalers, she is a co-organizer of the Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation Initiative. Cristina is also a core Usability maintainer for Drupal and the front-end track chair for DrupalCon Europe. She is involved in her local community organizing Drupal and other tech-related events.

Cristina spent several years in the graphic design industry. Her development career began when she started freelancing and had to make her own designs a reality. Cristina learned to code while learning Drupal and found her place in the local community by helping to organize a Barcelona Drupal event in 2012. She has been involved in the community ever since and credits this involvement to helping her land a job at a Barcelona Drupal agency building websites for big NGOs.

Cristina has a Graphic Design, ESDi degree from Universitat Ramon Llull and also has training in Digital Marketing and UX. She enjoys practicing sports--especially running and swimming. She loves design and also spends time illustrating.