Front-end Tooling: A Panel Discussion


Stephen Cross (Owner of Parallax) will moderate this panel discussion around front-end tools. 

There's so many front-end tools out there it can be overwhelming, We'll bring together some community members to talk about what they're currently using and why.

The panel discussion will center around:

  • what tools people are using as their go-to workflow. Bundler and Ruby Gems? Bower, NPM, Yarn?
  • what about preprocessing and post-processing, autoprefixer, etc? Ruby Sass, Dart Sass, or Node Sass/Libsass?
  • what about front-end JavaScript - still using mostly jQuery, or have you embraced React, Vue, or some other framework? Are you using ES6 with Babel? Webpack?
  • using the right tool to fit your project's siza and budget

Session recording


Session Track: Case study
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Thursday June 28
Room: 206