Introduction to Neurographica - The Art of Personal Transformation Workshop (Part 1)


Neurographica is a visual language well understood by our brains which is being used to overwrite existing limitations and create new behavioral patterns. When we draw Neurographica, we change our perception of reality, form a new vision, and bring that new reality to our consciousness.

In this workshop, you will become familiar with the basic principles of Neurographica and the multi-layered nature of human consciousness. You will practice an algorithm called 'Lifting of Inner Constraints'. No previous experience is required, and the materials will be provided. The intention you bring to this practice can fall anywhere on the spectrum of complexity, from improving your current emotional state to setting a career goal. After a brief theory session, we will dive into this guided art practice which will give you the tools to apply this visual algorithm in future life situations.


Session Track: Community Health
Experience Level: Everyone
Date: Friday July 21
Time: 01:15-02:00
Room: 207A