Next Gen Design Systems with Pattern Lab, Twig, and Web Components


"Design systems can be incredibly efficient at delivering consistent, reusable, and interoperable components and visual styles across an organization; saving time while keeping projects on-brand and in scope.

However, most valiant attempts to integrate Drupal into a large scale design system surface a deeply interconnected web of technical and political roadblocks:

- What happens if your organization can’t (or shouldn’t) go headless?
- How do you wire up more than one Drupal site to your Pattern Lab instance?
- How do you keep the sites already using your design system up to date?
- How do you prevent code from breaking as complexity and scope balloon?

In this session, I’ll share our solutions to some of the toughest challenges teams face when building, shipping, and maintaining a next-generation design system - specifically our design system, Bolt, including:

- Strategies to decouple your design system from Drupal and from Pattern Lab
- Ensuring multiple sites and projects across the organization ship with the design system’s single-source-of-truth.
- Automatically generating schema docs on component data expectations and configuration options.
- How web components can provide many of the same benefits as going headless with Drupal without the trade-offs.

Session recording

Session Track: Theming
Experience Level: Intermediate
Date: Wednesday June 27
Room: 209