Understanding Project Browser's Svelte Front-end


The Project Browser Strategic Initiative made a bold choice to build our browsing application as a decoupled front-end application, relying on API's provided by Drupal.org and caching and displaying that data in a Svelte app.

In this session, we'll dig into that front-end code and examine how we've applied Svelte's fundamentals to how the application has been built to date.

This session will look heavily at actual front-end Svelte code in its current state. We may even uncover improvements to be made as we wade through! If you've been interested in Svelte, or learning how to bring a JavaScript framework to Drupal, or just want to see something decoupled IRL, please join us.

Session Track: Theming
Experience Level: Intermediate
Date: Thursday July 20
Time: 03:30-04:15
Room: 205