From brand experiences to brand relationships. How to create relevance, in a modern world.


Section 1: The New Marketing Landscape

    What has fundamentally changed in marketing?
    Importance of building brand relationships in marketing
    Objectives of the session

Section 2: Relevance and Values

    Defining relevance in marketing
    Identifying your target audience's values and aspirations
    Understanding the importance of aligning with your audience's values
    Case studies and examples showcasing successful brand relationships built on relevance and values

Section 3: Creating a Brand Story

    The significance of storytelling in marketing
    Crafting a brand story that resonates with your audience
    Incorporating your business goals into the brand narrative
    Techniques for communicating your brand story effectively
    Real-world examples of compelling brand stories

Section 4: Merging Business Goals with Audience Needs

    Identifying your business goals and objectives
    Understanding your audience's needs, challenges, and desires
    Strategies for aligning your business goals with audience needs
    Practical steps to bridge the gap between business goals and audience needs

Section 5: Actionable Steps and Ideas
    Concrete examples of tactics that enhance relevance and value communication
    Q&A to address specific challenges or questions from the audience

Section 6: Conclusion and Takeaways
    Understanding the importance of creating brand relationships
    Strategies you can implement and how to get inspiration

Session Track: UI/Visual Design
Experience Level: Everyone
Date: Friday July 21
Time: 11:00-11:45
Room: 206