Death to Personas: A Mindset-Focused Approach to Designing Inclusive Web Experiences


User Personas have been a mainstay of UX design since practically the beginning of UX design. But they’re actually not great tools for designing and building inclusive digital experiences. We’ll take a little trip back into the history of user-centered design and design thinking to look at the origins of Personas and then look at how product design has evolved and where we are now. Then we’ll get into how to develop a research plan, identify audience mindsets and how to use them in Design and Development.


  • Develop audience mindsets from user research
  • Incorporate the audience mindset into design and development projects
  • Think about user experience in a more inclusive manner

This session was first presented at DrupalCon Pittsburgh -

Session Track: UX/Project Strategy
Experience Level: Everyone
Date: Thursday July 20
Time: 10:00-10:45
Room: 205