Dan Zollman


Dan Zollman headshot
Independent consultant @ Dialogue for Design, LLC
Dan Zollman (Cambridge, MA) is an independent consultant specializing in information architecture (IA) and strategy for complex digital experiences. 
With experience leading design engagements in govenment (Mass.gov), university IT (Tufts University), finance (Vanguard), and digital agencies (Last Call Media), Dan enjoys working on challenging problems where UX intersects with questions of organizational strategy, structure, and process. His IA skills bring clarity to murky situations where teams are unsure how to proceed. Dan has "untangled the mess" for organizations who were struggling to manage sprawling bodies of content, complicated software workflows, and gnarly customer service issues. 
Dan has a particular interest in responsible, ethical, and systemic approaches to human-centered design. He has explored these topics, and their relationship to information architecture, through speaking, writing, community organizing, and ongoing study. He has organized the World IA Day Boston conference, co-organized the Academics and Practitioners Roundtable on Information Architecture, spoken at conferences including the IA Conference and UXPA Boston, and wrote a chapter for the book Advances in Information Architecture.