Collecting and using feedback on


  1. Our goals

    1. Identify site-based improvements

    2. Identify page-based improvements

  2. Tools and Methods

    1. Site-based

      1. Foresee (3rd party)

    2. Page-based

      1. Custom (but using Formstack)

      2. (this is what I’ll be talking about primarily during this presentation)

    3. Why we didn’t collect data in Drupal

  3. Designing the form

    1. Progressive engagement with public.  

      1. Make initial submission as quick and easy as possible and allow them to provide more data only if they want to continue.

    2. Key stakeholder input

    3. Allow authors to decide how to engage with their constituents

    4. Key aspects

      1. Accessibility

      2. Mobile friendly

      3. Intercept urgent issues

      4. Making the form easy to access

  4. Moving the data

    1. HTML form > Formstack > webhook > Amazon database > API > exposed in Drupal

  5. Showing the data in Drupal

    1. With each node

    2. In a feedback manager within Drupal where you can sort and filter

    3. On author home page in our edit site, we show content needing attention.

  6. What we learn from the feedback

  7. Roadmap / Planned changes

Session Track: Case study/Panel
Experience Level: Intermediate
Date: Friday June 28
Time: 10:00 - 10:50
Room: 32-124