Gatsby & Drupal Sitting in a Tree


This is the session to attend if you are considering developing a Gatsby website using Drupal as a backend content source. We will cover static-site generation with Gatsby, compare and contrast different content sources (or backends), and even talk about using React to make the website more dynamic.

This session is intended for beginners looking for a high level overview of the design/development process. We will live demo a working Gatsby / Drupal site while providing an overview of:

- How to structure your data and fields on your Drupal website

- How to pull content into Gatsby from your Drupal website using GraphQL

- How to design and structure dynamic pages and lists of pages in Gatsby

Having some basic knowledge of Javascript / React will help when looking over code examples during the demo portion of the session.

Session Track: Site building/Front end
Experience Level: Intermediate
Date: Friday June 28
Time: 10:00 - 10:50
Room: 32-141