5 Essential Lessons You Can Learn From Art History


Discover how you can take the stress out of building website and app designs by understanding design concepts and principles from the past. Starting in the early 1900’s design principles were established to help those dealing with usability and information design. See how you can take those same principles and apply them to modern visual art and design.

1. Form follows function Form follows function is a principle associated with 20th-century modernist industrial design which states that the shape of an object should be primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. See how this concept applies to website and app design of today.

2. Less is more Less is more was made popular by industrial designer Dieter Rams. With all the information “noise” out there this mantra is more important now than ever. Find out how you can iterate your content to show less distractions, and offer your user more relevant information.

3. Always use a grid During the time of the International typographic style era, grids were heavily used for a purpose. Using a grid is the best way to organize a great amount of content in a manner that is easily interpreted by viewers. Discover how to use grids for both layout and type.

4. Really understand typography Early in the 20th century Jan Tschichold set forth rules for standardization of practices relating to modern type usage that are still relevant today. At the time he condemned all typefaces except for sans-serif types, advocated standardized sizes of paper and set forth guidelines for establishing a typographic hierarchy when using type in design. Find out how to use these same concepts in your designs.

5. Follow proportions that work Some designers may intuitively know where to place objects and text on a screen, but many also rely on basic principles of math that allow them to place type and images quickly and with confidence. Discover some of the proportional rules that you can apply to your layouts.

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Session Track: UI/Visual Design
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Thursday June 28
Room: 207A