Maintaining Design Consistency Across Every Channel


With the growing shift towards a decoupled future a company’s presence is going to be represented by an ever-expanding collection of websites, apps, and talking speakers.

Maintaining design and tone consistency across those channels will be challenging but if done right, it can allow you to enter markets more quickly while keeping the style and tone of your company aligned.

In this talk we’ll discuss:
— Getting everyone, including leadership, onboard with valuing strong, centralized design
— How to work out what should—and what shouldn’t—go into a style guide
— What we can do to make “style guide” stop being a four-letter word
— How to create a system that works for your company. (Any size company!)
— How to communicate that design to teams that have to implement it—other designers, developers of all stripes, and managers of those teams

Who should attend:
— Business owners and leaders who want to leverage design to grow
— Designers and Marketers who want to do great work
— Developers who want to share this talk with the rest of their team because this makes dev go faster.

Session recording

Session Track: UI/Visual Design
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Wednesday June 27
Time: 3:30 - 4:20
Room: 32-141