10 Vital Lessons For Running A Successful Digital Agency


If I knew then what I know today...

MaryAnn is a 17 year veteran of the web agency world, and in that time has learned valuable lessons that can help every new or small agency owner and development shop build a better, stronger, more successful business.

She began as a shop of one, and now has a team of 10 who help to deliver custom digital marketing and web development solutions for their clients in tech, education and retail. During that journey, MaryAnn has learned that building a successful agency takes more than technical skill, it takes business acumen and an awareness of how agencies, clients, vendors and team members can and should work together for everyone's success.

Delivered in a casual style, with anecdotes that accompany each of her ten tips, this session will leave attendees better prepared for their next client interaction and provide planning ideas for building a better business.

Session recording

Session Track: UX/Project Strategy
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Wednesday June 27
Room: 208