Drupalized Design Sprints


In recent years Design Thinking has made its way to the forefront of business development practices. In particular it has gained great support in product oriented companies. At its core, Design Sprints are a process technique to solve important business questions and solve real problems with a user centric approach.

However, little has been discussed about how Design Sprints and Design Thinking can be applied in the services industry. In particular the web development services industry. Often the dynamics of interaction between people in the services company and people in the customer side have huge impact in the outcome of the project and the resulting solution being implemented. The result is that in most cases User Experience is an afterthought among all the development efforts.

In this talk I will introduce the Design Thinking model through the Design Sprints Process. In particular I will discuss how these principles can be successfully applied in typical Drupal Development Projects. I discuss the challenges in the context of Drupal project implementations, giving practical advice on how to get started with Design Sprints and adapt its principles so you can apply them in your next project.

Session recording

Session Track: UX/Project Strategy
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Wednesday June 27
Time: 3:30 - 4:20
Room: 32-144