Getting closer to your customer: How is using Drupal in the last mile


How do we know we are delivering the right things? How are we informing our customers of this work and getting their feedback effectively? How can we find out what will improve our product?

In seeking the answers to these questions, the team behind uses the powers of Drupal to shorten the distance between developers, state department authors, and state constituents of Massachusetts by continuously improving the authoring experience to leverage new feedback loops and truly measure their success by customer satisfaction.

In this talk we’ll look at using Drupal as a product in government:

  • to communicate “What’s New/Fixed” to our Drupal end users with each delivery

  • to provide our end users contextual guides and resources on site features

  • to gather feedback on the usefulness of our guidance

  • to collect feature requests and bug reports

Ultimately, we’ll show how Drupal, as an authoring experience (for example, its admin theme) on, is being improved as part of efforts to continuously deliver a product of increasing value to its customers and constituents.

Attendees of any level of experience will walk away with ideas for using Drupal to get closer to their customers and continuously improve their product.

Session recording

Session Track: UX/Project Strategy
Experience Level: Beginner
Date: Wednesday June 27
Time: 10:00 - 10:50
Room: 32-144