DJ Kadamus


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Digital Account Strategist @ Oomph

Hi there, my name is DJ Kadamus and I am the Digital Account Strategist at Oomph, Inc. based in Providence, RI. My role would best be described as Project Manager intersected with SEO Strategist. Most recently, I have become Oomph's leading GDPR consultant, and a part-time site builder. I work with mainly with retainer clients as part of our "Ally" program. This ever changing, wide landscape of services affords me the luxury of being a jack-of-all trades.

I had not worked with Drupal prior to Oomph. I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Political Science, worked on digital programs for political campaigns, and became an SEO and WordPress specialist for a nonprofit in New York City. I joined Oomph in June of 2016 and was instantly in awe of Drupal. Not only because of the capabilities of the CMS, but the community as well. I had the great pleasure of attending my first DrupalCon this past year!

Oomph is a fantastic company to work for while learning Drupal along the way. Currently, I work with our retainer clients on their Drupal 7 and 8 sites. Here, I get to hone in on my sitebuilding skills which have helped me in becoming a more technical project manager. The Oomph team also provides great support to one another and I can always lean on an engineer when I run into an issue that I can’t immediately solve.

Personally, I love to be outside, preferably near water. I enjoy spending my weekends in Narragansett on the beach with my girlfriend, Madalyn, and our dog, Honey.