Thursday Sessions

208 General Contributions - Thursday Chris Wells Contributions Everyone
207A Hello Drupal 10 Matthew Lechleider Training Beginner
206 Beyond Breakpoints: Designing for the Modern Web Chris DeLuca UI/Visual Design Everyone
205 Optimizing the Design-to-Implementation Workflow Anna Mykhailova Site building Everyone
209 Designing navigation for humans: information architecture techniques to organize a website effectively Dan Zollman UX/Project Strategy Everyone
206 How I learned to stop worrying and to love composable Chris Greatens Business/Project Management Everyone
205 Death to Personas: A Mindset-Focused Approach to Designing Inclusive Web Experiences Elliott Mower UX/Project Strategy Everyone
209 Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update Jim Birch Site building Intermediate
206 Triangulating Your Data for Design Work Jillian Chueka UX/Project Strategy Everyone
205 How We Use Notion to Enhance Our Discovery Process Ruth Leopold UX/Project Strategy Everyone
209 Single Directory Components in Core: A Modern Approach to Drupal’s Front-end Mike Herchel Theming Intermediate
Ellison Design for Longevity (D4L): Service Innovation through System Thinking Sheng-Hung Lee Keynote Everyone
206 Figma, Drupal, and Design Systems Jeremy Perkins UI/Visual Design Everyone
205 Intro to Svelte Jay Huskins Site building Beginner
209 Practical User Experience Ken Woodworth UX/Project Strategy Everyone
207A BoF - SIngle Directory Components open discussion Mike Herchel BoF Everyone
206 Designing User-Friendly Drupal Modules Clayton Dewey UX/Project Strategy Everyone
205 Understanding Project Browser's Svelte Front-end Chris Wells Theming Intermediate
209 BoF - Distributions & Recipes open discussion Jim Birch BoF Everyone
207A BoF (TBD 3:30-2) BoF Everyone
206 Daily Wrapup Leslie Glynn Daily recap Everyone
North Campus Cafe After Party Leslie Glynn After Party Everyone

Friday Sessions

209 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal Rod Martin Training Beginner
208 General Contributions - Friday Chris Wells Contributions Everyone
207A Creating and Managing a Design System with Ignite Elliott Mower Training Everyone
206 Increasing accessibility with components and design systems - 4 Steps to be an inclusive designer/developer Mary Blabaum Site building Everyone
205 Figma-Foundational principles you want to know Jennifer Smith UI/Visual Design Beginner
208 BoF - Project Browser - Try it now and give feedback Chris Wells BoF Everyone
206 Selling the value of design Chris O'Donnell Business/Project Management Beginner
205 Low-Code methods for optimizing your Drupal Site Michael Miles Site building Everyone
208 BoF - What's New in Figma Ruth Leopold BoF Everyone
206 From brand experiences to brand relationships. How to create relevance, in a modern world. Marc Rust UI/Visual Design Everyone
205 Do you still need Sass in 2023? Aubrey Sambor Theming Everyone
206 Writing sustainable automated tests Joshua Bolduc Site building Intermediate
205 CKEditor 5 / Drupal 10 can be Easy out of the Box! Kathryn Carruthers Site building Beginner
207A Introduction to Neurographica - The Art of Personal Transformation Workshop (Part 1) Anastasia Kazakova Community Health Everyone
206 BoF - The Future of Design 4 Drupal Boston Leslie Glynn BoF Everyone
207A Introduction to Neurographica - The Art of Personal Transformation Workshop (Part 2) Anastasia Kazakova Community Health Everyone
206 Lightening Talks Patrick Corbett Lightening Talk Everyone
206 Closing Leslie Glynn Daily recap Everyone